You’d be hard-pressed to find something as feature-rich as the DM-7X at this price point (let us know if you do!).  For most, this is the bee’s knees of electronic drums. Tunable mesh heads on every pad allow precise emulation of natural stick response while cymbals swivel as you’d expect when struck from any angle. Even our instructors can’t help but envy the triple-zone ride cymbal reserved only for flagships.

Drum Tutor recommends this if you:

  • are the “no compromises” drummer
  • want a future-proof setup  
  • love to tinker with settings


  • 3 x Toms (dual-zone) with mesh heads
  • 1 x Snare (dual-zone) with mesh head
  • 2 x chokeable Crash cymbals (dual-zone) 
  • 1 x chokeable Ride Cymbal (tri-zone)
  • 1 x chokeable Hi-Hat (dual-zone)
  • 1 x Hi-Hat pedal
  • 1 x kick pad with pedal
  • All REMO mesh heads

Features: TFT Colored LCD Display, metronome, coaching functions, recording, trigger sensitivity and response.

Sounds: 108 sounds, 30 presets/18 user-defined drum kits

Effect: Compressor, Drive, Reverb, EQ, Tuning

Connectivity: AUX-in, 9V DC IN, USB MIDI, Stereo out, Headphone out

Dimensions: 86cm x 69cm x 35cm

Weight: 35 KG


  • delivery
  • installation
  • sticks
  • stools
  • headphones

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