Ankle Biter – 4-6 Years old

Save your pots and pans – your hyper and active 4, 5, or 6 year old can transfer their energy to drums instead! Investing in drum lessons for your kid can aid in their early development, such as hand-eye coordination and kinaesthetic learning.

We offer engaging junior drum lessons for kids in Singapore. Through these drum lessons, children would be able to develop proper drumming techniques and improve their rhythmic & fine motor skills.

Here at Drum Tutor Singapore, we have junior drum sets for kids, so you would not have to worry about your kid being unable to play on an adult drum kit. Moreover, our junior drum set classes are tailored specifically for preschoolers. Our dedicated tutors will be able to guide your child and unlock their fullest potential through interactive drum classes.

You will get to learn

Drum kits are fun to play and incredibly accessible for children. Here are some of the areas your kid would be able to learn through our drum set classes.

Drum Lessons For 5 Year Old Singapore
Drum Lesson For 4 Year Old Singapore

The ankle biter course is recommended for preschoolers (4, 5, or 6 year olds). No formal training is required. At least 1 parent/guardian is required to sit in for the first 4 lessons of this course.

Additionally, at least one parent or guardian is required to sit in for the first four lessons of this course. 

Below is an example of a basic groove using cartoons and boxes.

Monthly Fees

OGW 30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
60 Minutes
Weekdays S$170 - - -
Weekends S$180 - - -
KX & GS 30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
60 Minutes
Weekdays S$150 - - -
Weekends S$160 - - -
*OGW = orchardgateway | KX & GS = KINEX & Grandstand
  1. There will be four lessons per month (1 lesson weekly).
  2. Fees are collected monthly on the first lesson of the month.
  3. Fees will be pro-rated if you begin your lesson in the middle of the month.
  4. Fees paid are non-transferrable or refundable.
  5. A registration fee (non-refundable) of S$50 and a deposit (refundable) of S$100 will be collected upon registration. 
  6. 15 minutes free trial lessons are currently available; just reach out to us on the contact form down below!

Get Started

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Alternatively, you can also contact us via WhatsApp at +65 9666 4979 if you have any urgent enquiries.

A complimentary 15 minutes trial lesson is currently available as well!

Should you wish to be a part of our teaching faculty, please drop us an email at and your CV.