Teenagers and Adults

Rookie - Beginner

Students with prior drum experience shall begin their drumming journey as a Rookie. This is our way of keeping things groovy here at Drum Tutor Singapore.

We offer beginner drum lessons for teenagers and adults in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a hobby to reduce stress or simply want to pick up a new skill, drum classes can help boost your self-confidence & develop your sense of rhythm. From mastering basic techniques to learning to play basic tunes, our extensive curriculum is an excellent introduction to the world of drumming for beginners. 

As a leading drum school in Singapore, we believe that you are never too old to learn to play the drums. Our beginner drum lessons for teenagers and adults could kickstart your drumming journey. With the help of our experienced and dedicated tutors, learning to play the drums can be easier than you think!

You will get to learn

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive curriculum at our drum school. Here are some of the areas you would cover in your drum classes when you enrol in the Rookie programme.

Basic Music Notation
Drum Classes For Adults Singapore
Drum Lessons For Beginners
Adult Drum Lessons
Drum Lessons For Adults Singapore

Students will also get to learn songs that are of beginner level. 

These drum lessons for beginners are suitable for teenagers and adults above 13 years old with prior drumming experience.

Here is an example of a basic groove exercise that could be covered in class. 

Monthly Fees

30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
60 Minutes
Weekdays S$ 190 S$ 285 - -
Weekends S$ 200 S$ 300 - -
  1. Fees are billed monthly as per school calendar.
  2. School fees are collected on the first lesson of every month.
  3. Fees will be pro-rated if you start your lessons in the middle of the month.
  4. School fees paid are non-refundable or transferrable.
  5. A deposit (refundable) of S$100 and a registration fee (non-refundable) of S$50 will be collected upon registration.
  6. $25 surcharge (per 30 min lesson) for classes conducted by our founder Er Chow Kiat.
  7. Free 15 minutes trial lesson is currently available.
  8. Fees listed above with effect from 01 January 2024.

Get Started

If this is something you might be interested in, kindly fill in the following contact form, and our team will be in touch with you within two working days.

Alternatively, you can also contact us via WhatsApp at +65 9666 4979 if you have any urgent enquiries.

A complimentary 15 minutes trial lesson is currently available as well!

Should you wish to be a part of our teaching faculty, please drop us an email at [email protected] and your CV.