NUX DM-210


The DM-210 is the latest NUX electronic drum set in the market today!

It comes in standard 5 piece mesh head drum kit configuration with 1 hi-hat, 1 crash and 1 ride cymbal – perfect for students who are currently or about to embark on grading examinations!

Drum Tutor recommends this if you:

  • prefer mesh heads to rubber pads
  • appreciate a more realistic experience
  • are taking grading examinations


  • 8” Snare x1, 8” Tom x3, 10” Hi-hat x1, 10” Crash x1, 10” Ride x1, Kick x1, Hi-hat Control x1, Kick Pedal x1, DM-210 Module x1
  • Metronome, Coach, Reverb, REC, Songs, Bluetooth
  • MIDI Data through USB Port
  • Headphone, DC-9V, L/MONO R Output , Aux In, USB, Cymbal Trigger In
  • All Mesh Drum Heads


  • delivery
  • installation
  • sticks
  • stool
  • headphones

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