Experiential Learning with AR: A New Way to Learn Drums

Experiential Learning with AR: A New Way to Learn Drums

Augmented reality (AR) is fast becoming the new frontier of digital learning. Thanks to its immersive and experiential nature, AR can make any tedious educational process more engaging and effective.

Learning about drums is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. However, augmented reality might be the perfect solution for those eager to learn about this instrument. With the help of AR technology, you can now come face-to-face with a virtual drum kit that responds to your actions.

Simply download an educational app on your smartphone or tablet and start immediately! With this blog post, we will show you how you can leverage AR to create a new way of learning about drums:

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image in front of a real image, allowing both experiences to coexist and interact with each other. Essentially, an AR experience is a mix between the virtual and the real world.

Using sensors, AR detects the environment around it and then projects a 3D image over that same environment. To put it simply, AR is used to create a virtual experience within the real world – as if you are interacting with a hologram.

Why use AR to learn drumming?

If you think about it, there are a few reasons you should use AR to learn about drums. AR is a highly engaging and immersive technology. Instead of simply reading a book or watching a video, you can now participate in a virtual drumming experience!

Another justification is that AR removes the limitations of real life. Even though playing a real drum kit is enjoyable and a terrific way to spend your free time, it’s not always the most comfortable, especially if you are just starting out. You must maintain a fixed seat, adjust the loudness, and so on. Contrarily, AR enables you to use a virtual drum kit anytime and anywhere. You can even go as far as playing along to your favourite tunes!

How does AR benefit when learning the drums?

One of the most significant benefits of using AR to learn drums is its immersive and interactive nature. In real life, you only have your hands and drumsticks to interact with the instrument.

AR, on the other hand, allows you to interact with the drums using your smartphone or another AR-enabled device. You can see how your actions translate into drum sounds as you play.

If you want to increase the volume of your hits, simply turn the volume up on your device. The same goes for changing the tempo and the type of drum used. In essence, AR helps you to experience the virtual drum kit as if it were a real instrument.

Which app should I use to learn drums with AR?

Consider signing up for drum set classes with Drum Tutor if you are looking to learn drums in Singapore. Every student can participate in our music programs, developed by the world-renowned drummer Er Chow Kiat.

Get the chance to experience our in-house, proprietary teaching app ‘Playarlong’ during lessons, which blends visual and tactile learning. Learn the fundamentals of drumming with the help of AR and one of the three available modes:

  • Mode 1 – hi-hat (1 cube)
  • Mode 2 – hi-hat and snare (2 cubes)
  • Mode 3 – all three

After mastering the beat, play along to popular tunes or create your own rhythm patterns to experiment with different sounds.

Thanks to AR technology, visual and physical learners can now learn through a combination of sight and sound. Through this AR app, visual learners and students with disabilities will now have the equal opportunity to pick up the art of drumming. This will allow students to process information in a way that works best for them.


Drums are a popular choice for musicians. It is one of the most versatile instruments thanks to the many different sounds and rhythms that can be created with it. If you are someone who loves drums, you might want to learn how to play them.

People of all ages can play the beloved and widely accessible drumming instrument. Adult beginners can sign up for introductory drum lessons at Drum Tutor, whether they want to start playing the drums alongside their child or eventually fulfil their drumming aspirations.

Preschoolers can learn basic rhythms, grooves, and techniques through our Ankle Biter course, designed for children aged 4 to 6. By enrolling your child in drum classes for kids in Singapore, your child can learn proper drumming techniques from dedicated teachers while having fun.

Drum Tutor is here to meet all your drumming needs. We serve all age groups and don’t leave anyone behind. Contact us right away to schedule your first drumming lesson!