Rockstar - Advanced

This course is developed for drummers who are really serious in their craft. Students who are able to play clean and even 16ths, linear patterns, several genres, proper ghost-notes, have good time (and many more) will be termed as Rockstar.


You will get to learn:

  • Advanced warm ups

  • Advanced grooves

  • Advanced fill ins

  • Vocal counting

  • Melodic phrasings

  • Reading lead sheet music

  • Improvisation

  • Constructing a drum solo and more


Students will also get to learn songs that are advanced level.

New sign ups for this course will have to be evaluated by our tutor(s).

Good for 13 years old and above.

Below is an example of an advanced groove exercise.


Monthly fees:

1. Lessons will be conducted once a week - 4 lessons in a month.

2. Fees are collected at every first lesson of the month.

3. Lessons starting in the middle of the month will be pro-rated.

4. School fees paid are non refundable or transferrable.

5. A deposit (refundable) of S$100 and registration fee (non-refundable) of S$50 will be collected upon registration per student.

6. 15 minutes free trial lesson currently available.

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