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Tutor Spotlight ft. Rino


Here's an interview with one of our busiest drum instructors here at Drum Tutor. Enjoy!

1. Describe your playing style in a single sentence

I play anything that grooves and comes from my heart

2. Drummers that inspired you

  • Benny Greb

  • Anika Nilles

  • Teddy Campbell

  • Travis Barker

  • Matt Greiner

  • Chris Coleman

  • Dave Weckl

  • Aaron Spears

3. Current gig(s)

I am currently playing every Saturday at Le' Noir @ Clarke Quay with Camille Miller. Do come check us out!

4. Most memorable gig(s)

It had to be my very first gig when I was 14 years old at Sentosa. Couldn't remember the name of the gig but it was some beach event and I was playing drums with my friends and we were in a sort of heavy metal/hard rock band. Good times!

5. Favourite venue to play at

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre and Recital Studio.

6. Current set-up

  • Pantheon Percussion Curly Maple 13" by 6" Snare Drum

  • Crush Drums 14" by 7" Hand-hammered Nickel - Brass Hybrid Snare

  • Sabian Paragon 14" hats and 12" Splash

  • Paiste Alpha 20" Ride

  • 18" CRX Rock Crash

  • 18" Zildjian S Medium Crash

7. Dream set-up

  • Yamaha Live Custom Oak Hybrid Kit, (10", 12", 16" 22")

  • Pantheon Percussion snare 14" by 7"- Brass/Steel

  • Zildjian 16" K Custom Dark Crash

  • Zildjian 18" A Custom Medium Crash

  • Zildjian 18" K Custom Session Crash

  • Zildjian 21" A Custom 20th Anniversery Ride

  • Zildjian 14" K Custom Dark Hi-Hats

  • Zildjian 10" K Custom Dark Splash

  • Zildjian 12" A Custom Splash

  • Zildjian 17" K Custom Hybrid China

  • Zildjian 16" Custom EFX stacked on top of 16" Low Volume cymbal

Probably mount a few percussions like cowbell, jam block and a tambourine.

8. Favourite movie

Rush Hour movies. Love them that I have rewatch it countless times and memorised all their lines and scripts.

9. Favourite food

Definitely mum's cooking and pastas.

10. Any advice for young drummers out there

Learn more than just being a drummer. Learn to be a musician and it will definitely open up your playing vocabulary.


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