A Useful Guide: Developing Fine Motor Skills In Your Child

A Useful Guide: Developing Fine Motor Skills In Your Child

As parents, it is crucial that we do our part in developing our children’s fine motor skills from a young age. Many daily activities involve the use of fine motor skills – for instance, getting dressed or using a pencil. When these skills are developed effectively, a child’s confidence can grow immensely as they have the ability to complete tasks independently.

In this article, we have put together everything you need to know about the development of fine motor skills in early childhood – from its importance to the ways you can develop your child’s fine motor skills.

What are fine motor skills?

Before we delve deeper, it is imperative that we understand what exactly fine motor skills are. In summary, fine motor skills refer to the movement and coordination of the small muscles in the wrists, hands, and fingers. The development of fine motor skills enables a child to carry out activities such as writing, grasping, eating, and getting dressed with little to no assistance.

The importance of fine motor skill development in early childhood

The development of fine motor skills is especially vital for young children of pre-school ages.

As adults, we utilise fine motor skills so frequently in our day-to-day activities that it is easy not to realise their importance. Weakness in fine motor skills may affect a child’s self-confidence severely.

When children are unable to perform tasks such as cutting a piece of paper along a dotted line independently, it may lead to them feeling frustrated. This is especially so if they see their peers being able to complete that particular task. Frustration and low self-esteem can lead to a child giving up whenever they are faced with a challenge, which could also affect them in the future.

Moreover, as mentioned above, the development of fine motor skills allows children to complete tasks on their own, which encourages them to be independent. Research also suggests that practising fine motor skills from an early age can be beneficial for a child’s social, personal, physical, and academic development.

Ways to develop fine motor skills

Now that you have learnt the importance of the development of fine motor skills in young children, the question lies, how exactly do you go about helping your child build on these skills?

There are various ways to develop your child’s fine motor skills effectively. Seemingly simple everyday tasks such as getting them to hold their utensils to feed themselves during meal times, brushing their own teeth or even pouring a glass of water are great ways for children to improve their fine motor skills. Hence, the next time you are cooking up a feast in the kitchen, consider inviting your child to help you out – not only would you be able to get some precious parent-child bonding time, but it would also be an opportunity for them to practice their skills.

Apart from everyday activities, enrolling your child in a music class could be something worth considering. Studies have discovered that children who learn a musical instrument from their pre-school years tend to display more significant improvements in fine motor skills and coordination. In particular, learning to play the drums is an excellent choice. Drumming can not only aid in the development of fine motor skills but also gross motor skills, which refers to the movement of larger muscle groups like the arms. The action of drumming requires the use of both fine and gross motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination. Besides, the development of your child’s fine motor skills is just one of the many reasons to enrol them in drumming lessons!


Fine motor skills are necessary and essential for everyday life and learning. Thus, it is of paramount importance that parents do their part to help their children thrive and reach developmental milestones. A solid foundation of fine motor skills from a young age can benefit your child even when they are adults.

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