5 Main Tips for Kids to Stay Motivated While Drumming

5 Main Tips for Kids to Stay Motivated While Drumming

Keeping kids interested in an activity for any length of time is a challenge, especially when that activity is something as challenging as learning to play a musical instrument. At some point, every musician experiences this epiphany and wonders why they’re subjecting themselves to such suffering.

Whether a child or an adult, learning to play the drums is never without its ups and downs. If you want your child to stick with it, you must help them stay inspired. Here are 5 suggestions for encouraging young drummers to continue honing their beats for years to come.

1. Set realistic expectations

Kids are sponges. They soak up everything that surrounds them. If you set unrealistic expectations for them, they will likely feel like they fell short at the end of the day. The same is true when it comes to drumming. Although children can have great talent early on, they may not have the same chops as adults who have been playing for years.

Set reasonable goals for your child’s progress if they’re just starting. Setting realistic expectations can help them stay motivated if you’re confident they will be a natural at drumming and prevent them from becoming discouraged if they take longer than expected to pick up the instrument.

2. Help them find a passion

Children are incredibly impressionable. They are considerably more inclined to persevere with something they love if they believe in it. Thus, it’s crucial to assist them in discovering their passion so they may become enthusiastic about drumming. You can help them find a passion for drumming in a few ways.

Dedicate time to listening to music with them. Let them choose the music and share your favourites with them as well. You may want to start with children’s music if your child is young. There are a ton of great albums out there that are perfect for little ones to sing and drum along to. If your child is a bit older, start playing some of the music you love with them. Let them know what your favourites are and why you like them.

3. Make learning part of a group activity

If other kids in your neighbourhood are interested in learning to play the drums, you can make it part of a group activity. This will help your child stay motivated because they have others to keep them company while they practice. It will also help them stay focused because they can’t go as long without someone noticing they’re not practising.

If other children are present as your child begins their drumming adventure, they will be able to support one another and advance more quickly. There are also many drumming competitions and programs that they can join. Joining a group of drum set classes with young people can help them stay motivated and advance even more quickly.

4. Give them a sense of accomplishment

Children desire a sense of accomplishment. Give them a few simple drumming assignments to complete, and when they do, celebrate greatly. Select objectives that are short and simple enough for them to achieve. Make a list of straightforward drumming assignments for your kid to do. This can entail finishing a basic drum kit, picking up a few drum rudiments, or learning how to read drum music. Make a big deal when your child has mastered these abilities and achieved these objectives. Inform them of your pride in them and your excitement at how far they have come in a short period of time.

5. Surprise them with new equipment

Children enjoy receiving new things, but they especially appreciate getting items pertinent to them. You may make practice time more enjoyable for your child by surprising them with new drumming instruments. Here are some suggestions:

  • A new set of drumsticks – Some children have a favourite pair of drumsticks, so if those sticks break or disappear, they may become less motivated.
  • A brand-new drum pad – If your child is practising on a hard surface and is losing motivation because they keep missing the pad, it would be worthwhile to buy them a soft drum pad.
  • Brand-new drumheads – If your child uses the drumheads that come with their drum set, you may always surprise them with a new set.


Ensuring your child enjoys what they are doing is the best method to motivate them to persevere. Kids learn best when they enjoy what they’re doing, so make sure they have fun while learning the drums. Don’t undervalue the drumming skills of children, as they may turn out to be highly skilled. If you start them out with the right drum set classes, they can advance swiftly and have fun while doing it.