Grading Examinations

Students who are interested in achieving milestone while they are learning drums could opt for classes that prepares for Rockschool or Trinity Rock & Pop grading exams. Drum Tutor has tailored their curriculum thoroughly according to their grading system - students will not face any problems with the transition!


Do you know?

Students from Drum Tutor have a 100% passing rate!

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Monthly fees:



1. Lessons will be conducted once a week - 4 lessons in a month.

2. Fees are collected at every first lesson of the month.

3. Lessons starting in the middle of the month will be pro-rated.

4. School fees paid are non refundable or transferrable.

5. A deposit (refundable) of S$100 and registration fee (non-refundable) of S$50 will be collected upon registration per student.

6. 15 minutes free trial lesson currently available.

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