Elite - DSA

Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) has seen an up trend in recent years. Thus, Drum Tutor has created the Elite course for this purpose. The Elite course is suitable for students who are in Primary school and it will at least stretch across 1 to 1.5 years. Students with background from the school band (percussionist) or in a percussion ensemble would be an added bonus. This course will help students with the rigorous preparation for the demanding auditions. As such, your lessons will be an hour long weekly classes.

You will get to learn:

Train and prepare a performance ready piece from minimally a Grade 3 drum kit.

  • Train and prepare a minimally a snare drum etude.
  • Intensive training in sight reading, pulse and sync, aural (rhythm), and 25 basic rudiments.
  • Prepare for a student feature recording for our social media. They may record any pieces they have prepared for their auditions,  their exam pieces, or a song of their choice.
  • Take part in global music competitions.
  • Take part in international music festivals.
  • Participate in student exchange programme overseas.

Please note that:

  • We will only be able to assist students who will be auditioning for a drum kit and/or concert snare pieces.
  • We are unable to provide tuned percussion course at this moment.
  • We do not guarantee placement under any DSA-Sec applications.
  • Students are highly recommended to join their respective Primary school band as CCA.
  • Complimentary 15 mins trial/assessment currently available.

Please WhatsApp 9666 4979 or email us at [email protected] for more information on the course fees.

Example of a Snare Etude

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